IMC is Looking for a Few Good Sentients


Calling All Sentient Mercenaries

Star Wars: The Old Republic is set to officially launch in a few hours. What could be more exciting? I just wanted to write a small note to promote an awesome guild in the Imperial Mercenary Corps (IMC).

If you are a mature individual that wants to have fun in a friendly environment, please head over to the recruitment page of the IMC and apply to our guild. If you like to play in a competitive environment that doesn’t have players that use names like Ishootu and Bubba Fatt check us out. We are not a raiding guild or a PvP guild, but there are plenty of people that enjoy doing those thing. We are predominantly focused on getting numbers up so that we can find people to group with at any given time to do flashpoints and heroic content. We play on a RP-PvE server (Sanctum of the Exalted) but very few of us are strict role players.

If this sounds like something you are interested in please click on the recruitment link and prepare to meet a great group of guys, gals, and other sentient beings that want to have fun without all the grief.

If you don’t join us, you might be facing off against these guys!

Game on!


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