[SWTOR] Some Things That Bug Me


What would happen if Boba Fett and Wolverine had a love child?

I ended up taking a half day yesterday from work and between last night and today I have managed to reach level 15 with Moruth the Powertech Bounty Hunter. Let me tell you, it has been a lot of fun. Ask my wife, I’m pretty sure she thought I moved out for how much she has seen me the past two days. I assured her this will pass in time, and she assured me that “It had better.”

I have to confess, since I had played the starter world a number of times during the beta weekends, I enabled subtitles on the dialogs and actually read them instead of listening to them in their entirety. It did really speed up the process at the time, but now that I am in completely virgin territory I am stopping to actually listen to them. Very cool!

So what is up with the title? Well I would love to tell you all the things that BioWare has  done right with this game, but I am soaking all that in. At present, even if there were no fixes to the game I would not let these few things I am going to talk about below keep me from having fun. That being said, here are the things that are currently sticking in my craw.

The first can best be summed up with this picture.

Hulk Moruth Smash

The game has some minor bugs that really don’t ruin the game, but if they were to go unfixed, they would be very annoying. Mind you, all the bugs I have encountered thus far are VERY MINOR. Please do not think for a second that this game is unpolished. It is polished like grandma’s silver on Christmas. The bug depicted above happens from time to time when your companion heals you with their neon green healing ray. It just doesn’t come out in the wash apparently. A quick logout/login will reset the textures back to their normal color.

There are a couple others I have noticed. Some of the harvesting nodes don’t work. They show up on the ground and on your map, but you can’t target or use them. The guild window for some reason is very buggy. I find that it randomly doesn’t show everyone that is in the guild. It is easily fixed by pressing CTL+U twice, but it is very weird.

It is nice to see that a number of the bugs that I reported to BioWare during the beta weekends were fixed. Additionally I submitted a couple of the ones mentioned above and got replies about them very quickly saying they were known and were going to be addressed in a future patch. I’m sure the team is more worried about getting everyone in and avoiding a server crash apocalypse than fixing a couple of broken resource nodes.

There are a few more things that are bugging me about the game that aren’t “bugs” per se. One is the gobs of trash loot that you get in the game. We were discussing this in guild chat and some people chided me by saying if we didn’t have trash loot, the good loot wouldn’t look so good. At least you can send your companion out, a la Torchlight pets, to sell the junk to vendors. My opinion is that if all we are going to do is turn around and sell it anyway, why not just give us credits instead. Save me the pain of having to be the equivalent of the scrap metal guy that swipes the old bed frame from your font lawn on trash day.

The last thing I’ll mention is something that will be remedied soon. Due to the fact that they staggered access, there were next to no people at the location of the game’s first flashpoint last night when I got there. Everyone from my guild had gone off to bed and the couple of other people in the zone (seriously there was a population of 3 at the time) didn’t want to do the flashpoint. I decided to trudge on to the second planet and now I am probably a little too high of a level to have the flashpoint be worth anything but a few social points.

I know everyone who isn’t in yet are thinking that I am a jerk for complaining. Sorry about that. I think of it not so much as complaining as commenting negatively. 😛

Even though this is probably TL/DR, there are really only a few minor things about this game that bother me enough to complain about. I think people are really going to enjoy playing SW:ToR. Is there enough to keep people here? Only time can tell.


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