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Giving Back to the People

October 4, 2010

Hey folks! I don’t have a lot of regular updates these days due to my schedule, but when I get some new news I want to pass it along as I can. Anyway, I received an email from BioWare today rewarding me an in game item for Dragon Age II. Here check it out:

Thank you for signing up for the BioWare newsletter during our summer conference season. To show our appreciation we would like to give you a code that will unlock an epic in-game item:

The Staff of Parthalan: Magic has always run strongly within the Hawke bloodline. The tales passed down from one generation to the next tell of an ancestor named Parthalan, a mage who long ago helped to unite Ferelden under the rule of King Calenhad. Parthalan eventually vanished into legend, fleeing the persecution of the Chantry, but his legacy remains in the hands of his family – along with his hope that one day, mages would achieve the freedom that King Calenhad intended to bring to all men.

You can still get one of these as long as you sign up during October for the newsletter. Here is the link. It is nice to see a company give some love to the folks that pay their salaries once in a while…go BioWare!