Scratch the Paint on Slave 1 and I’ll Vaporize You


I sat down to read my latest edition of PCGamer Magazine and they had a feature article on the space combat that is going to be included in SW:TOR. Avoiding posting the actual article I can paraphrase part of it that has me concerned. Essentially the devs have said that they went with an approach to the space combat that is very cinematic that will make you sat wow (not WoW). That’s great, but what happens when you play it a second time, or third? MMO’s tend to be very repetitive and I can see grinding space missions to get that holiday paint job for the ship. How many people played KoTOR more than a couple times or Dragon Age or Call of Duty (single player that is)? The story kept you in it and the cinematic scenes were cool, but once know the story, it’s the game play that keeps you coming back for more. I suppose you can circumvent this a bit by using carrots like gear, achievements, or titles, but in the end it turns into drudgery that way and not an enjoyable experience.

I realize that TOR is not going to revive X-Wing vs. Tie Fighter or that it is not going to have space combat as the focus of it’s game, but I am worried about the title as a whole that they are trying to make the game too iconic. I’m worried that it won’t be that great after the new MMO smell wears off. I mean if we all look like Han Solo or Boba Fett who is going to play the bartender at the Mos Eisley cantina or Bib Fortuna, Jabba’s majordomo? Suddenly being that icon is not so iconic if there are a thousand of them running around in front of you. That is a major drawback in my view of games like WoW and EQ1. Everybody looks like everyone else. Every level capped warrior looks like every other one. Don’t let this be you SW:TOR. Help me BioWare, you’re my only hope.


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