Commence Easy Mode


I was playing WoW the other day as a Shaman and boy things seemed like they were taking forever. I couldn’t seem to kill things very quickly and I died a lot. Maybe it’s because I’m a new player, who knows. Anyway, the game states that hunters are supposed to be good for soloing, so I decided to try it out. I still died a lot…that is until I hit level 10 and picked up Zsazz here. Zsazz if you haven’t figured out is the name I gave to the cat pictured behind my hunter. Since I found a pet, the experience has been nothing short of easy. At least from levels 10 to 15.

All that considered, now that I have dinged 15+ I was able to queue up for the dungeon finder. This single contraption personifies why people both love and hate World of Warcraft. I got into the dungeon finder queue as a DPS and after a while, I was prompted that a dungeon was waiting for me. I dutifully typed in “This is a warning, this is my first dungeon run ever.” and we proceeded to run through the dungeon. We got into a bad piece, and wiped. I had no idea what I was doing and before I knew it I was standing in Durator. The folks were pretty nice and guided me on how I should get back into the dungeon and we finished it off. Sweet, my first blue loot! I thought to myself, this is pretty cool. Why doesn’t every game have this.

A person from the newly created guild I joined (they asked and I said sure) asked if I wanted to run some dungeons with him, so my second dungeon was with him. Now this experience was totally different. This one was riddled with name calling and blame casting and regular childish behavior. Now here is the WoW that I have heard about. I must say, I don’t care for it one bit. I can see why people complain about it to no end.

Well, I opted in for one more dungeon queue and this one went rather well. In the immortal words of Meat Loaf, “Two out of three ain’t bad!” I see how fun this dungeoneering can be, but I really don’t know how long I can handle the kindergarten garbage that I saw in the second run. You figure there is a server for everything else, perhaps Blizzard could make a server for us “old” folks that you need to have your age verified before joining. Then again, who knows, these folks might have been older than me!


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  1. Tesh Says:

    I find it intriguing that the PUGs (Pick Up Groups) were better than the guild run. That’s a bit of an inversion of the norm.

    I do have to second the “two out of three” though. I’m not in a guild, but it seems that about 2 of three PUG Dungeon Finder runs I’ve done were actually pretty fun, even if we wiped or the tank disconnected and we four-manned the place.

    It does make me wonder who exactly are being jerks. I almost believe that veterans (on alts) are more jerky than new players who make honest mistakes.

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