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[WoT] Hindsight 20/20: Things I Know Now but Wish I Knew Then

June 1, 2011

Be prepared, you will see a lot of this.

I have been meaning to write a post about World of Tanks to help any new players out there that may be considering playing this game. As everyone is prone to do, I was confused and made a number of mistakes when I got started playing. Here are a few things that I wished I had known from the beginning.

  • Don’t buy the premium tanks (at least not right away). It can be tempting to slap down ten bucks and get a tricked out heavy tank, but it comes with a catch. First you haven’t played the game long enough to know what you are doing and you will instantly get thrown into higher tier battles with veterans, and get destroyed. Second, premium tanks are not upgradeable and often not as good  as a fully upgraded tank that you could get by progressing through the tech trees (statistically as a similarly tiered tank).
  • Don’t be in a rush to advance tech tiers! Battles in tier I/II are the most evenly matched battles that you are going to get. They can be based more on skill and less on equipment than later tiers. Also there is often no artillery or tank destroyers to worry about so you will only really be up against tanks that have a similar play style.
  • Don’t try to tackle all three country’s tech trees. You will probably want to focus on one or maybe a specific line of a second. (You may like the Soviet tank destroyer line, but focus on US tanks and Artillery. If you are itching to play a heavy tank, focus on the USSR or USA trees. The German tree doesn’t get a heavy until Tier 7.
  • Speaking of German tanks, be careful if you focus on that tree. The German tanks require a fair amount of skill to play at the lower levels. This is a video game and unlike WWII, German tanks are not the juggernaut that they were in real life. The lower level German tanks tend to be lightly armored in comparison to similar tiered tanks from the other two trees. They make up for this with speed, high rates of fire, and generally more accurate guns. This doesn’t help if you are a noob and make mistakes as it only takes one good shot to end your battle. Heavier armor is your friend because you might survive long enough to shoot back!
  • There are a couple of decent websites out there to look for for insight into the game. One is the WoT Wiki. Here is a good site for some more tips and tricks. There have been a few decent blog posts about it too: One from Zoso at KiaSA followed by part II and part III. Lonomonkey discusses the difference between AP and HE shells. Tobold discusses leveling up to a new tier tank and being worse off for it. The Babbling Gamer gives his experience with getting to Tier 3 and getting overwhelmed.
  • You will H-A-T-E Tier 3. It is just that simple. There is really nothing good to say about tier 3. You unlock the first tier 3 tank and buy it. It is stock with no upgrades but you think “hey I have to be better than the stock T1/T2 tanks right?” Then you realize that you are not placed in battles with T1/T2 tanks, but rather T3/T4/T5 tanks and that you last all of about 2 minutes in the battles (and that is if you spend a minute and  half in your starting zone delaying your suicide run). This is where life changes and you have to start getting experience by tagging the other tanks instead of destroying them. More on that in the next point.
  • There are three ways to gain experience in a battle. Obviously causing damage to another tank (including destroying them outright), capturing the other team’s base, and spotting the other team’s tanks so your team can kill them. The last point is where your light tanks and many medium tanks earn their stripes and XP. There are good scouting resources here and here.
  • If you have real money to spend on the game, the best places to do it are on upgrading the account to premium (you get a 50% bonus to XP and coin) and for transferring experience from elite tanks (not to be confused with premium tanks) to free experience. This can really speed up the process of gaining enough experience to unlock the next tier of tanks. Spending real money (or in-game gold) on premium tanks or converting it to in game currency are really not a great use of your money. Just take a little extra time and earn them yourself.
  • Oh yeah, almost forgot. If you leave the battle after your tank is destroyed, but before the battle is over, there is no penalty to the experience or coin that you earn for the battle. You even get the bonus if your team wins. Get into another tank and roll on!

There is soooo much more to learn, but hopefully these little tidbits will help you avoid some of the mistakes that I made getting started. Good luck, happy hunting, and see you on the battlefield.