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[EVE] A Hint of Fear Makes Mundane Fun

October 17, 2012

Recently Amazon had a sale on EVE Online:Inferno so I snagged a copy for $5. It is a game that always intrigued me and a friend was playing it casually on the side so I figured “what the hell.”

So I plunged into space and started my career in EVE. I am playing the game in small doses and joined a fledgeling corp. The CEO seems nice enough and he is taking the time to show us noobs the ropes.

I am starting to learn that this game is a marathon and not a sprint. All of the skill progression takes place in real time, so you just have to wait it out for certain aspects of the game. This is kind of nice since I am playing this game on the side.

I have managed to get a few ships and am stockpiling some ore for my ultimate goal which is to be a ship builder. I know I have a long way to go before I am churning out capital ships, but I have a goal in mind and I really can’t speed up the progress by playing more.

Notably though, as I alluded in the title, I am finding the mundane task of mining to be more fun than it should be because at any given time I could get attacked! I don’t like to leave the computer too long or even Alt-Tab out too much for fear that some schmo is going to swoop in and blow my butt from here-to-eternity when I am not looking. There is a small chance of that since I am currently in 0.7 space, but you never know. Also I have to keep a constant eye out in case NPC pirates swoop in and kill all my drones.

All in all I can see this as being an enjoyable experience as a side game. I’m not quite sure if I have a “main” game these days, but if I did, EVE would be competing with it for some of my time for sure. Why didn’t anyone tell me about this sooner!


[SWTOR] Screencap O’ the Day

December 30, 2011


So for those of you keeping track of how dark side you are, you can apparently now do it to 13 decimal places! What the what?!

[SWTOR] Pictures from a Galaxy Far, Far Away

December 23, 2011

Not a lot to write about these days. The wife has me wrapping presents like a fiend! I did want to post a few pictures of my escapades in Star Wars: The Old Republic. So here they are:

First, I have to toot my own horn and say I have achieved my legacy status by finishing Chapter 1 of the bounty hunter story. My character’s full name is Moruth Du’ul (more-ooth d00-ool). That is the name I have given to every character in a Star Wars game since I can remember.

These are just  a couple of pics of Moruth in travel. Oddly with all the technology in this setting, people on Alderaan travel by winged toad!

The First – Dromund Kaas World Boss

Grandfather – Balmorra World Boss

Here folks from the Imperial Mercenary Corps (with a couple friends) managed to take down the world bosses for Dromund Kaas and Balmorra. On to Tatooine next!

And lastly, yeah I did that. What are you gonna do about it…


[SWTOR] Screencap O’ the Day

December 19, 2011

For the last time, yes you are the beneficiary on the life insurance policy. Now why do you want me to keep backing up?

Screencap ‘O the Day

May 11, 2011

I have been playing around a bit with a WoW Death Knight as of late, and I am finding it a bit weird yet cool at the same time. I really do wonder though, how fast does a skeletal dragon have to beat its wings in order to generate enough lift to stay in the  air. I guess I just don’t understand the physics of it all! 😀


The Cheers Effect

May 8, 2011

Clo lending a helping hand.

It has been a while since I have been actively playing WoW. I had no real intention of going back for the foreseeable future, but SOE’s recent hacker debacle has made playing EQ2 rather difficult. So having an itch to play something, I noticed that I had a game card laying around so I figured “what the heck,” and resubbed to WoW. I really didn’t have anything I wanted to do on my old characters and the now virtually disbanded Walk the Plank guild was not doing anything for me, so I decided to roll a Worgen character to see what that starting area looked like.

Along the way I noticed that Clo (a.k.a. Kaozz) popped online on the Alliance side and I said Hi. She invited me to join the guild she was in and needing a place to hang my hat I accepted. Although I do a lot of solo content, I really forgot how much I really enjoyed being in a guild where there is an active banter in the chat window and where someone is sure to say hello when you log in. You may never run into them “face-to-face,” but you hear from them all the time. I referred to this as the Cheers effect when I was talking to Kaozz and I really forgot how much this makes a difference to a game.

This experience also made me realize just how lonely my time in EQ2 is/was. I don’t regret being a virtual hermit; however, it really did make it obvious how much I was missing. Even if you don’t like to raid, group, or talk to other sentient life forms you are really missing out on a lot of what the MMO in MMORPG has to offer if you don’t have at least a couple of people around who “know your name.” Remember that the next time Lolapaladin or Eyecdedppl logs in, be sure to say heya. It truly does matter.


PS Happy mother’s day to all the mothers out there; in whatever capacity you mother!

[WoW] Don’t Anger the Kitty

February 15, 2011

Strolling through Zul’Drak in WotLK content I stumbled upon a kitty. I say stumbled upon, but really a quest brought me there, but this was one of those Keanu Reeves moments. Ran up the ramp and there was this massive cat with mouth wide open! I actually started a bit scrambling for my attack keys! Anyway I am about to move on to the level 77-80 zones in Wrath for a level or two before I can finally experience the high level Cataclysm content.


Screencap of the Day

February 15, 2011

I really wonder when the last time EQ had to actually post this message. Good luck all you retro gamers…make sure you post your adventures!


Screencap o’ the Day

January 4, 2011

This cap is dedicated to Syp over at BioBreak. Even hard working gobbos need a pit stop once in a while.


Screencap ‘O the Day

December 23, 2010

Green Bay Packers fan? What do you think he has to say about Favre?