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A Comedy of Errors [EQ2] [WoW]

May 3, 2011


I can’t win for trying it seems.

I decided to relax a bit with a leisurely play style and focus on a single MMO until SW:ToR is released. I really plan to throw myself at that game. I decided that EQ2 was the place for me for the time being. My main character is very solo friendly, I can craft when I don’t want to adventure, and I can decorate my house when I don’t want to do any of that. I have been playing when I feel like it and not feeling guilty when I don’t log in. It was a great match for my play style at the current time.

Then Sony gets hacked.

I am not pleased in the least about my personal info being stolen, but I can mostly forgive SOE for it. Nothing is safe these days it seems. I am simply frustrated that the course of action that I have chosen, and was quite happy with, is not viable at the moment. Not only have I had my pants pulled down by the hackers, but SOE managed to punch me in the junk to boot. I want to do the only thing in my power to do at this point and unsubscribe from EQ2, but stupid me paid for a year sub. It seemed like a good idea considering the decisions I had made about being a monogamist MMO gamer.

To add insult to injury, I decided that I would use a WoW game card I had sitting in the drawer and play some Warcraft today. Oh yeah, I forgot Tuesdays are server maintenance days that last until I get ready to go to work. You know work, that thing that honest people do to make money. Not scam it out of people by hacking their accounts. I have very little free time these days, and I really can’t stand the fact that I have to jump through these hoops to try and do what I want to do with it.

Perhaps the people that hacked this did it just for fun. Well, I hope that the folks that investigate this find them, and then send them to prison. Just for fun of course.


What’s New?

April 27, 2011

Hey folks, I am struggling these days to find things to write about. I am currently down to one MMO subscription (EQ2) and I am playing it somewhat sporadically. I have been spending a lot of time doing “other stuff” and haven’t found anything in a game to keep me all that interested. I really wish that Rift would have struck a chord with me, but I really couldn’t get into that game. Now I feel I am playing EQ2 for lack of anything better to do.

On the EQ2 front, I just managed to reach level 71 (yay!)  and have entered the Rise of Kunark content. I am hoping that this content will get me enthusiastic about playing again because it seems like it is better designed than the Kingdom of Sky content that I just left. For the first time in close to 30+ levels I actually ran into some other people doing the same quests that I was. Sometimes that is a pain when you have to fight over mobs, but I was pleased to see that someone else was actually playing the game.

I plan to write a post about EQ2 specifically, because I have a few things rolling around in my head here, but the purpose of this post is just to say I am alive and still playing even if in a lesser capacity. I am looking forward to playing SW:ToR so much these days, all the other games I look at on my computer just can’t compel me to click on their icons. Even fewer are compelling me to write about them.

I got an Android phone the other day and I have been playing Angry Birds a lot. That is pretty much the amount of effort I want to put into a game these days. I hope I am not getting too old here! I hope that you all are gripped in a wonderful game at the moment. I hope I will be again soon!


[EQ2] Next in Line?

April 5, 2011

I was looking at the server status for EQ2 today and I was a little disheartened with the number of servers for this game. Not because I think they are too crowded, but rather that the population of this game is so small. My server recently was merged with Crushbone, and the server is pretty populated now. As I was looking at the other servers though one of them stuck out to me. If there be another merge in the  near future, what are the odds that Oasis is the next victim? Here’s a little clue:

One of these things is not like the others…

Just a word of warning to all you Oasis folks…be prepared as I wouldn’t be surprised if your number is about to be called for consolidation.


[EQ2] Slowing Things Down

April 4, 2011

Just Horsing Around

Lately I have really slowed things down with my gaming. I haven’t trimmed the amount of time down that I have been playing, but more the pace at which I am doing things in game. I have been almost exclusively playing EQ2 as of late and it has been good. I really haven’t even been gaining adventure levels. I am taking things slow and enjoying the revamp to the crafting experience system.

For those not aware of the experience revamp, here is a small breakdown. Gaining crafting levels in EQ2 works  much in the same way as gaining adventuring levels and as a matter of fact, you can reach the same crafting level in game as the current adventure level cap. The great thing is, you can craft to cap and still be level 1 adventure-wise.

Previously, crafting worked in such a way that you would gain a small amount of experience from doing combines, but got a large bolus dose of XP when you crafted things for the first time. This made leveling up for some classes a heck of a lot quicker (if you had the cash for components) than other classes. As an example, a class like the sage which crafts spell upgrades would easily get in excess of 15 – 20 spells to craft at each crafting level. This meant the class got 15 – 20 bonuses to crafting. On the flip side of things, a provisioner who makes food and drink would only get 4-6 recipes per level.

In order to level up the classes with few recipes per level, you were required to perform crafting writs ad nauseam. Crafting writs are the equivalent of quests on the adventuring side, but sooooooooo much more boring.

So what did they do to the XP? Well the bad news is that every class pretty much now has to grind crafting writs. The good news is, it is cheap to do so (the writs more or less pay for the crafting materials except for harvests) and they modified the XP gain so that each combine is worth more XP and each writ completion is worth a ton of XP. At this rate you can gain a level in just 4-5 writs. This is very much faster than before.

So due to this XP revamp I have been leveling up all my alts in their respective tradeskills and really doing very little in terms of adventuring. The great thing is, that is about what I want out of an MMO right now. It may sound boring to some, but it is good for me. I really am quite pleased with EQ2 that it allows for alternatives to standard adventure/questing grinding. It might be grinding of a different nature, but I can watch TV at the same time or listen to a podcast or whatever and not have to pay a great deal of attention to the game. I am progressing in the game and I am only partially playing it. It is the ultimate in casual play, and right now that is what the doctor ordered.

I took some time out to do some of the Bristlebane Day quests, but now it is back to business. Oh a crafting I will go, a crafting I will go…Hi Ho! The dairy-o…a crafting I will go.


WoW and EQ2, What They Can Learn From Each Other

January 3, 2011

Since I have been playing a lot of WoW as of late, I can see why it is such a popular ride. It is fun and it is streamlined, and it is polished to a brilliant sheen. (Definitely not Charlie or Martin Sheen) I have had moments when I think that WoW could learn a thing or two from EQ2, a game I hold in very high esteem as well. Here we have a list of things that the MMO’s could borrow from each other to spruce up the place.

What WoW can learn from EQ2

  • Revamp Travel: If you are one of the old EQ cronies that sit on their porch and spout off about back in your day you used to have to travel through 12 zones just to reach a trainer and then back through them to grind mobs again, please ignore this. Otherwise, what is the deal with having to watch the rear end of a bat/griffon for 3-6 minutes as your character physically flies through all of Orgrimmar. I know the zones are seamless and that is a great thing and all, but from level 30-60 when you actually have to travel to get to appropriate zones…it blows. The travel revamp in EQ2 made it so you could get anywhere inside of about 2 minutes.
  • Crafting: What is great about EQ2 crafting? No, not the stupid minigame that you have to do in order to craft, but rather the fact that you can make a character for no other purpose than to craft your way to the level cap. If you are bored with dungeon running and don’t feel like questing, you can switch to a crafting alt and watch TV and make some stuff. You can actually accomplish something without having to tell your group mates sorry we wiped, I was watching American Idol.
  • Player Housing and Guild Halls: This one kind of goes along with crafting, but sometimes I just want to be creative in a game. Your house is  a great place to spend some time and effort in the game when you just feel like playing Sims for a bit. You can display trophies and cool things you find while playing and it gives you a place to call “yours” in a game that is largely out of your control.
  • Cosmetic Gear: There is no better way to express yourself than customizing the way your avatar looks. As it is now, there is so little customizing that can be done with WoW characters, it would be nice to at least dress differently.
  • Necromancers: OK this one will never happen, but I would rather my pet classes not be so prim and proper and have fuzzy little bunnies as pets. I will hold out hope for some of the others on this list, but this is just a personal request. Heck, Mr. T. got a Mohawk class.

What EQ2 can learn from WoW

  • Dungeons: Many people hate the dungeon finder because of all the jerks that they meet along the way. I didn’t like EQ2 dungeons that much because they were too long and drawn out. Mind you I didn’t run any instances, but the dungeons I did run were just too random and lacked focus. That and it was tough to find people to play them. As much as Dungeon Finder attracts jerks, it is handy for finding a group.
  • Direction: Now I know WoW is a game on rails, and now more so than ever, but there are a number of areas in EQ2 that I had no idea where I was supposed to go or what I was supposed to do. Grinding mobs through these areas is soooooo slow, that it is not an option, so if you aren’t running quests it can make the process rather a drudgery. They attempted to fix this problem with the Golden Path initiative, but I’m not sure if it has come to fruition. I ended up leaving the game when I got to the Kingdom of Sky zones and just felt lost.
  • Fewer or More Unique Classes: EQ2 has a ton of classes, and normally I would say more is better. In this case it is not. Why are there two warrior classes? One is supposed to be more DPS oriented than the other, but couldn’t they just do that with the way you spec your AA’s? Why do they have like 4 rogue classes? I know some of them are good/evil race dependent, but why?
  • Dual Specialization: This was something that was rather prohibitive when it was introduced in WoW from what I gather. It was really expensive game currency-wise and you didn’t get it until you were pretty high level. Now you can get it at level 30 for like 10 gold or something. It really makes the game more accessible. Feel like tanking a dungeon tonight? Protection Spec. Feel like soloing? Fire up the DPS spec. I realize that there is a house item that you can get to change specs in EQ2, but it is rather expensive, you can’t buy it on the market, and it is just not public knowledge for most new players.
  • Silliness: I had seen a few quests here and there that were pretty amusing. There was one where the award was a “chokeball” that housed a pet lizard. I don’t think that EQ2 should be all silly, but a few tongue in cheek quests would make it a little more lighthearted and fun in Norrath.

I could probably go on further, but then I would be getting very nit picky. So these are the things that I would consider good features to trade between the games. Here are things from a Pid’s perspective, what do you think?


Quote to Note

August 18, 2010

I was reading through the EQ2 patch notes and found this entry regarding a revamp to the layout of the city of Gorowyn:

Academy of Logistics engineers have completed their changes to the layout of the city of Gorowyn. They sincerely hope that the improved city layout will be easier to negotiate for Gorowyn residents, will promote more tourism to Gorowyn, and will reduce the number of completely lost rangers that the guards keep finding in obscure corners of the city.

Having known a few rangers in my time, I can see how they would get lost in that city. Too funny.



August 6, 2010

I don’t know if I am in the minority here, but since EQNext (EQ3 or Free Q Realms or whatever) is not yet in full development I want to put in a request. There is usually a bunch of content in MMORPG’s for single players, groups, and raids, but can they consider adding duo content? I mean you can usually duo the solo content, but the experience gain is lower and doing quests in a duo is often a pain. I have a buddy of mine that I game with and while we would gladly welcome a third or fourth party member, we love to tackle content as a duo. Now in games that have the trinity, you can see how a duo is tough to work with. It’s doable, but not ideal. Give us some content for the nearly antisocial!


Thousand-Yard Stare

August 6, 2010

I have been playing a bunch of Single Player Games as of late in lieu of any MMO’s. In EQ2 I am currently in the doldrums of the late 50’s content and boy does it stink. I haven’t been able to bring myself to log into my account in well over two weeks. Last night I found myself just staring at my computer screen not knowing what to do. This isn’t the first time this has happened and it is typically pretty short lived. I usually go and watch movies or a TV series on DVD for a week or so and get out of my funk. The sad thing is that I have even been toying with the idea of plunking down all the money required to get a sub to WoW. Not that I have anything against the game, but I told myself that EQ2 would be the MMO I would ride out until SW:TOR drops.

I am almost worried to go home tonight after work for fear that sometime tomorrow morning my wife will find me blankly staring at my monitor. Anyway, not much else to report here, but I thought I should at least mention why there hasn’t been a post here in a while.



July 28, 2010

So what the heck? I go away on a work trip for a week and I come back to find out that EQ2 is going FreeQ2. Well at least in part. I really haven’t had time to look at the pricing scheme, but what I don’t get is that they are releasing this F2P version in addition to their subscription model. I see this as a rather unfortunate idea as veteran players who might want to play with some of their friends who are casually playing EQ2 can’t play on the same servers. I currently am going through a little bit of MMO burnout, so I can see how this model would be good in the long run, but why can’t I take my current account and use it as a F2P one? We’ll see how this shakes out. I’d guess that a number of server mergers are on the horizon for the subscription servers as the population begins to dwindle.

On a side note, the prediction I had for Blizzard and WoW way back when might come true for EQ2 instead. Is there an EQ3 in the works?


Say Hello to My Little Friend!

July 1, 2010

Well, it only took 7 days, but I finally got my Level 52 Undead Knight (Master) back from the research assistant. If it weren’t for the fact that it is running pretty late here now I would go off to Lesser Faydark and kick some pixie arse! As it is, the residents of that zone should be afraid…very afraid.