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[EQ2] Slowing Things Down

April 4, 2011

Just Horsing Around

Lately I have really slowed things down with my gaming. I haven’t trimmed the amount of time down that I have been playing, but more the pace at which I am doing things in game. I have been almost exclusively playing EQ2 as of late and it has been good. I really haven’t even been gaining adventure levels. I am taking things slow and enjoying the revamp to the crafting experience system.

For those not aware of the experience revamp, here is a small breakdown. Gaining crafting levels in EQ2 works  much in the same way as gaining adventuring levels and as a matter of fact, you can reach the same crafting level in game as the current adventure level cap. The great thing is, you can craft to cap and still be level 1 adventure-wise.

Previously, crafting worked in such a way that you would gain a small amount of experience from doing combines, but got a large bolus dose of XP when you crafted things for the first time. This made leveling up for some classes a heck of a lot quicker (if you had the cash for components) than other classes. As an example, a class like the sage which crafts spell upgrades would easily get in excess of 15 – 20 spells to craft at each crafting level. This meant the class got 15 – 20 bonuses to crafting. On the flip side of things, a provisioner who makes food and drink would only get 4-6 recipes per level.

In order to level up the classes with few recipes per level, you were required to perform crafting writs ad nauseam. Crafting writs are the equivalent of quests on the adventuring side, but sooooooooo much more boring.

So what did they do to the XP? Well the bad news is that every class pretty much now has to grind crafting writs. The good news is, it is cheap to do so (the writs more or less pay for the crafting materials except for harvests) and they modified the XP gain so that each combine is worth more XP and each writ completion is worth a ton of XP. At this rate you can gain a level in just 4-5 writs. This is very much faster than before.

So due to this XP revamp I have been leveling up all my alts in their respective tradeskills and really doing very little in terms of adventuring. The great thing is, that is about what I want out of an MMO right now. It may sound boring to some, but it is good for me. I really am quite pleased with EQ2 that it allows for alternatives to standard adventure/questing grinding. It might be grinding of a different nature, but I can watch TV at the same time or listen to a podcast or whatever and not have to pay a great deal of attention to the game. I am progressing in the game and I am only partially playing it. It is the ultimate in casual play, and right now that is what the doctor ordered.

I took some time out to do some of the Bristlebane Day quests, but now it is back to business. Oh a crafting I will go, a crafting I will go…Hi Ho! The dairy-o…a crafting I will go.


The More I Learn, the Less I Know

May 18, 2010

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was going to join a guild in EQ2 and I have done so. I have joined the Halasian Empire on the Lucan D’Lere server which is composed of a bunch of bloggers and other good folk that like to craft, solo, and have a lot of fun. The guild is well established (circa 2004 or so) so I am well below the level of most of the folk in the guild at present. They have been quite cordial however and always say hi and add a helpful hint now and again when I am brave enough to ask.

In any event, I made my way to the guild hall for the first time since Stillwater showed me how to get there. I was curious what the place had to offer and I ventured into the basement. There is a full staff of NPC’s down there such as a broker, a banker, some folk that appear to harvest resources for you, a crafting trainer, and some crafting writ givers. I figured I’d craft a couple of spells before I had to go to work and I noticed that when you are crafting down there, the crafting materials are not deducted from your backpacks, but rather a guild crafting material cache. I felt like a jerk because I couldn’t figure out where to donate the materials that I had to the pool. I was on by myself and running all over the basement looking for an NPC that I could give this stuff to. Eventually a guildie logged in and showed me that I could donate to the pool via the chest next to the broker.

I haven’t played an MMO since EQ1 that I was at all interested in participating in the crafting aspect. The crafting in this game thus far is pretty grindy, though I hear it gets better at level 60 or so. The fact that I had to keep track of what tier of crafting mats I needed on each toon and how much of my shared bank it was taking up has now been eliminated. Hopefully I can grind through the crafting on my necro/sage and fury/provisioner so that I can finally start making some cash in the game!

It just goes to prove that the more I learn about this game, the more I realize there is sooooooo much that I don’t know about it. This is very daunting yet very interesting.


Crafting: The Mini Game

February 22, 2010

I had managed to get Pid up to crafting level (CL) 9 in crafting at which point you need to pick¬† a more specialized subgenre of crafting as a focus. I picked scholar as my focus thinking that this guy could either make potions for a profit, or maybe make spells. At CL 20 I have to pick from Alchemy, Jewelry, or Sage (ie spellcrafter). The crafting process in EQ2 is a little like a mini game as opposed to other MMO’s that are just grindy click fests. I this case, you can apparently die from crafting! That is crazy! So here is how this thing works. You have a recipe like in any other game, but when you approach the crafting station and start crafting, a little window comes up with six buttons on it and a bunch of blue and green lines. Needless to say I was just randomly pressing buttons and such, and I am quite amazed through the 10 levels I have not died once and have only one failure.

I figured that if I was going to do this frequently, I better try and figure out what the heck I am doing. I stumbled across a crafting guide on Zam that illuminated me to what was going on. I suggest you read this guide before starting because the crafting tutorial guy is a bit of a joke. Also there is a decent guide about harvesting also on Zam.

I managed to make some backpacks for myself before work today and I hope to level up some more in crafting when I get home. Hopefully now that I have a better idea what the buttons do and everything, I should be in better shape. Here’s hoping I don’t blow myself up making heal potions or something!