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GPS on the Dark Side

May 5, 2010

Now this is cool…or lame…I don’t know which. I think I am going to side with the geek in me and call it cool!

Check this out!

Now you can have Lord Vader himself give you suggestions on which route is the best to get to grandma’s house. I wonder what his response is if you miss a turn. Maybe he force chokes you into oblivion!

Speaking of Star Wars, I was thinking today about how to pronounce SW: TOR in a manner like WoW, WAR, or LotRO. I think I am going to pronounce it “sweater.” I don’t know weather it will be a warm cozy sweater or a scratchy irritating sweater yet, but if I make a bad joke about TOR and wool or a cardigan you will know where it came from. You have officially been warned!


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Your Enemy’s Enemy is Your Friend

January 20, 2010

I had to laugh at this post on TG Daily about Apple and Microsoft seemingly jumping into bed together to combat the “evils” of Google. Should we anticipate the Google OS will topple Windows as the most prominent OS? Will Apple and Microsoft kill the Google dragon and restore peace and harmony to the universe? In any event, it should be interesting to watch…provided the Mayans weren’t right and the world doesn’t end in 2 years!