What Kind of Gamer are You Thing 1 or Thing 2?


SynCaine has a pretty interesting article up at his site today that talks about two types of MMO gamers. He lumps them into groups 1 and 2. I won’t just repost what he wrote, you can go over there and read it, but the gist of what he was saying is that MMO companies want the type of gamer that is group 1. Group 1 being the kind of gamer that wants to be totally absorbed by a game and spend years playing it. What they are actually doing though is making games for the Group 2 gamer which just wants something different for a few months.

Everyone knows that the Group 1 crowd is small in comparison to Group 2 and I won’t go into detail again why that small group is even smaller due to dilution within all the games on the market, but I am curious how many people fall into the category that I think I am in. We’ll call it Group 1.5. The category I think I fall in is a gamer who wants everything in Group 1, but life demands that they sit in Group 2. I think SynCaine alludes to this in his article a bit, so it’s not as if this is an epiphany or anything.

It may not be a flux capacitor moment, but it did make me stop and ponder what I do in my own gaming life. I want to find that game that makes me want to log in and play it all the time, kind of like EQ did back in the day, but I don’t have the time (be it duration or time of day) to make it happen. I would totally camp a rare spawn again for a week so that it could help me on raid day if I had the time to do it or didn’t have to work at night.

Clearly I need to make some friends that game during 1st shift hours. When they are heading to bed I’ll be heading to work! Just need to learn Chinese or Indian I suppose.


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  1. camazotz Says:

    You’re not alone on that. My ideal MMO lets me log in for the 5-10 hours a week I have to devote to it, but also lets me do so for a very, very long time. Most MMOs, either by design or the crowd that hits them, seem to get burned out in the first few months, then population lags and people like me are left in the dust. There’s definitely a middle-ground between people who play all the time, forever (group 1) and people who play high-intensity for 3 months then move on.

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