[SWTOR] Slow down! There are no levels past 50!


I reached level 50 yesterday afternoon after about a month of playing. Here are some thoughts on the leveling part of the game:

  • According to /played it took me somewhere between 6 and 7 days to accomplish this goal. I don’t know for sure because I forgot to check the moment I hit 50. This boils down to somewhere between 5-6 hours a day over the 28 days since the games unofficial launch. If it weren’t for a fair amount of vacation time this would never have happened.
  • In the same time that it took me to get to level 50, another member of my guild has two level 50 characters and a new one in the twenties!
  • The content at level 50 is tough compared to the previous content. I can only speak to Ilum so far, but I have  a long way to go gear-wise and learning to play my character in group situations to be good at level 50 content.
  • I am absolutely broke! After speeder training, skill training, and repairs on equipment I have very little money left in the bank. I don’t know how I am going to fund a crafting profession.
  • I played a lot of the content solo, but I did group along the way from time to time. Character quests were much better when you do them solo because you can enjoy them and not worry about holding anyone up. The rest of the content is much more fun when grouped.
  • Playing as a tank spec made the process slower by-and-large. I died very infrequently with my healer companion, but my DPS output was so paltry it took a long time to get through mobs. Unlike the two imperial stealth classes, I couldn’t just sneak past them to get to  a quest point.
  • I really need to invest in a gaming pad, because there are just too many buttons to push and I can’t do it quickly enough on my keyboard. As a powertech bounty hunter there are a ton of situational abilities that are essential and having only a few keys at my fingertips makes life tough.
  • I am antsy to start working on another class instead of gearing up this one, but I am going to go out of my comfort zone a bit try to gear up for operations and hard mode flashpoints.
  • I am closing in on the end of the “free” month and I have no qualms with paying for this game. Having a blast! /cheer for SW:ToR!

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One Response to “[SWTOR] Slow down! There are no levels past 50!”

  1. Pedro Says:

    Heya. I see the post was done on Jan 11th, so it looks like you leveled faster than 30 days.
    It’s now Mar.4th, I’m at lvl 43, going at a normal pace (3 hoursmax/day), and my /played is 5.5 days, so I’ll cap 50 also around 6-6.5 days.
    The funny part is that, as I approach 50, I see that my guild companion already has 2 x 50 toons + 1 twenty’sh, same as you had !
    As to high level content, I’m getting scared, as I’m starting to see my server (EU Ula VII) getting emptier by the day. I don’t know if transfers are open or not, but it won’t be fun getting 50 and not being able to join an instance because there are no players.
    Arsenal Mercenary BH here.

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