[SWTOR] Pictures from a Galaxy Far, Far Away


Not a lot to write about these days. The wife has me wrapping presents like a fiend! I did want to post a few pictures of my escapades in Star Wars: The Old Republic. So here they are:

First, I have to toot my own horn and say I have achieved my legacy status by finishing Chapter 1 of the bounty hunter story. My character’s full name is Moruth Du’ul (more-ooth d00-ool). That is the name I have given to every character in a Star Wars game since I can remember.

These are just  a couple of pics of Moruth in travel. Oddly with all the technology in this setting, people on Alderaan travel by winged toad!

The First – Dromund Kaas World Boss

Grandfather – Balmorra World Boss

Here folks from the Imperial Mercenary Corps (with a couple friends) managed to take down the world bosses for Dromund Kaas and Balmorra. On to Tatooine next!

And lastly, yeah I did that. What are you gonna do about it…


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2 Responses to “[SWTOR] Pictures from a Galaxy Far, Far Away”

  1. mmogamerchick Says:

    Cool, were the world boss screenies from Friday night? Wanted to join on my Bounty Hunter, but my husband had me playing Republic 😛

    And those poor Jawas. Meanie 😡

    • Pid Says:

      Yes, we managed to put them both down last night. I’ll be real interested to see us do the next boss as it is level thirty-something.

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