My Better Half


A month or two ago I asked my wife if she wanted to play a card game. She said sure and I surprised her by hauling out the free Magic: The Gathering demo decks I received at PAX East. You have to understand that my wife has about as little knowledge of geekdom as your grandma does. (You know the one who thinks that cell phones will give you a brain tumor and that ATM cards are the devil’s handywork.) This is not to say that my wife is an idiot, she just finds little interest in the geekier things in life. Anyway, I have been teaching her how to play M:TG and she is learning at a steady pace for as little as we play.

Why am I telling you all this? Well I saw the PvP cartoon today and I thought it was mildly amusing so I emailed it to my wife. She emailed me back and was cracking jokes about it. I had to laugh because only a few months ago she  would have no idea what was funny about the cartoon. I don’t know if this is amusing to anyone but me, but I felt it was worth sharing.


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  1. Drew Says:

    Ahh, good old MTG. I played extremely competively while in college, and still like to make it out to the occasional Pre-Release. An excellent game and a testament to the staying power of solid development.

    My son has just gotten into Pokemon, and playing that card game frustrates me to no end with the number of coin flips. I prefer to win games with skill, not with luck, but at least it’s not really about that playing with him – it’s about just having a common ground we can share and enjoy. Kinda like I’m sure you feel playing the game with your wife!

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