[EQ2] Trades-killin’


I have logged into EQ2 twice since it has risen from its ashes. In that time with the help of rest XP, a Fortune League double XP potion, and the Welcome Back double XP I managed to crank out the last 8 levels on my necromancer’s Scribing tradeskill. Yay me! Sadly, that is about all the interest I have had in playing it. It is sad because this double XP deal will be running out in a little over a week, and I am having a hard time finding the will to log back in. I think I may be suffering from a lack of momentum similar to what TAGN was saying in his post about the topic.

It’s not like I blame SOE per se, but I just had the wind knocked outta my sails and there wasn’t a gale force wind there to begin with. I have found myself playing WoW and I just downloaded World of Tanks for the hell of it. I am listless in a sea of meh. (Sorry, couldn’t help that one.) I am not sure if it is because I have SW:ToR in my sights and I don’t want to invest too much time into anything and get “hooked” on it, or if it is just that I have hit the solo play wall, or if I am dead inside. (Sorry, couldn’t resist that one either.)

When is a game going to come out – not necessarily a MMORPG, but any game – that captivates me and makes me want to play it for months straight without the need for something else. Variety is the spice of life, but I want to have an extended relationship with a game and not have to tell it “It’s me, not you” as I break it off after a couple months. Someone needs to wow me, not necessarily WoW me.


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  1. kaozz Says:

    Wow, 90, Gratz!! I think my highest TS is like 30 something. I may work on it because I am a bit Meh with the leveling grind in EQ2. Questing sometimes gets tedious.

    Hopefully I can catch up to you this weekend to group in WoW. I know how you feel, I get like that sometimes. Ever consider some FTP games for a change? I’ve found some interesting ones out there, which I like just as much as subscription models.

    • Pid Says:

      I have played DDO, which I would like a lot if it were open world as opposed to instanced. I started to play LotRO, but haven’t gotten back to it. I did play RoM, but I didn’t like the art style. I tried Allods when it was in beta. So I guess to answer your question, yes I have tried some, but nothing has grabbed me. I don’t plan to raid or anything, so the game has to really captivate me by level 15 or so otherwise I will stop playing. Couple that with the fact that I feel guilty playing the FTP games when I am paying for the other ones and there you have it. LOL I need a lobotomy I’ve gone mental!

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