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Hey folks, I am struggling these days to find things to write about. I am currently down to one MMO subscription (EQ2) and I am playing it somewhat sporadically. I have been spending a lot of time doing “other stuff” and haven’t found anything in a game to keep me all that interested. I really wish that Rift would have struck a chord with me, but I really couldn’t get into that game. Now I feel I am playing EQ2 for lack of anything better to do.

On the EQ2 front, I just managed to reach level 71 (yay!)  and have entered the Rise of Kunark content. I am hoping that this content will get me enthusiastic about playing again because it seems like it is better designed than the Kingdom of Sky content that I just left. For the first time in close to 30+ levels I actually ran into some other people doing the same quests that I was. Sometimes that is a pain when you have to fight over mobs, but I was pleased to see that someone else was actually playing the game.

I plan to write a post about EQ2 specifically, because I have a few things rolling around in my head here, but the purpose of this post is just to say I am alive and still playing even if in a lesser capacity. I am looking forward to playing SW:ToR so much these days, all the other games I look at on my computer just can’t compel me to click on their icons. Even fewer are compelling me to write about them.

I got an Android phone the other day and I have been playing Angry Birds a lot. That is pretty much the amount of effort I want to put into a game these days. I hope I am not getting too old here! I hope that you all are gripped in a wonderful game at the moment. I hope I will be again soon!


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2 Responses to “What’s New?”

  1. kaozz Says:

    Hey Pid! Woot a new droid! I think I remember talking to you about mine in guild chat a few months back. I love it!

    Gratz on 71! I think that is where my attention span ends with EQ2. I dislike 30-40 then 70-85 or so. I am currently 83, on my Inquis, but I dislike some of the areas I had been questing in. I think I get too overwhelmed with all the quests and not enough direction on where to go.

    Glad you are still enjoying it though, RoK is a decent expansion, it went by pretty quickly if I remember correctly.

    • Pid Says:

      yes, the phone is awesome and it helps fight the battle against the evil apple empire! LOL. Anyway, I wanted to hang my hat in one MMO place until SW:TOR is released and this game while frustrating at times gives me something to do pretty much whatever mood I am in. If I just want to keep my hands busy while watching TV I craft. If I want to adventure, I do that. If I want to be creative, I decorate my house. It works even though it is not perfect.

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