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I know I am a bit of a Johnny-come-lately with this, but I figured I’d chime in a little bit on the WoW Tanking/Healing incentives in the upcoming patch. If you haven’t read about it there are plenty of blog posts about it, but the details can be found here.

I’m not going to weigh in on whether the idea of giving out extra rewards to the less played class roles is good/bad/fair/gimic/etc. Rather I wanted to talk about the root of the problem being why Blizz is trying to put a band-aide on a gushing wound.

Why aren’t people picking the Tank/Healer roles in DF PUGs? I know why I stopped doing it. Not because it was too hard or I didn’t have the skills, but rather I didn’t have the knowledge of each and every dungeon that I was playing for the first time. Couple that with the fact that I play these games to relax and have fun and running a dungeon for the first time as a fledgling tank often involves ridicule and group disbanding. Combined, you have the recipe for Pid leveling to 85 as a DPS paladin.

Now I know a lot of this is well out of Blizzard’s control…ass hats will always be ass hats…but why are people going to bother to learn if there is not an avenue to do so that doesn’t involve griefing and an intimate knowledge of the dungeons before you even run them for the first time. Ugh.

It just seems odd to me that a game that is largely composed of casual players doesn’t have a venue for the casual player to learn how to tank well. The easiest way to reach level cap is to grind quests, which last I checked, needed no tanking skills whatsoever. After 85 levels of fighting trash world mobs how is one supposed to magically know how to hold aggro or turn a boss or go in the right direction in a dungeon?

Honestly Blizz, if you want more tanks, rather than give them a cool mount or gold, give them an ability to mute jerks or instakick them from pugs. LOL


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  1. Nicholas Deathguard Says:

    I think this is an interesting problem that WoW is having. Other games make sure there are methods of holding aggro, usually skill based taunts or something else that catches a mob’s attention. I think it is hard for blizzard to change a game so far into its life time. Could Blizzard still teach its old dog new tricks?

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