Quote to Note – RPG Edition


Who put the RP

In the em em oh are pee gee?

Who put the ram

in the rama lama ding dong?

Who was that man?

I’d like to shake his hand

He made my baby

Fall in love with me (Yeah!)

Sorry, couldn’t help but butcher a song that came out before I was born.

Anyway, I was reading the newest copy of PC Gamer and I came across this quote from an article about relationships in RPG’s.

I prefer to think of roleplaying games as “people simulators.” They allow you to create an alter-ego of your own design, and to live a simulated life in a virtual world…

-Desslock, PC Gamer May 2011

He goes on to talk about how relationships and sex in the Dragon Age games are important, blah blah blah, but that opening line really struck a chord with me.

I am really looking forward to SW:TOR for this very reason. I am tired of MMORPG’s that consider RPG to only mean that the characters have a progression and “level up” in some way as they go. To me, RPG means just what Desslock thinks of it and I really wish there was more of that in the MMO’s today.

I really hope that BioWare is true to itself in this game and makes the journey to level cap a meaningful, memorable experience. I want some RP in my MMORPG and not necessarily a group of players typing “Well met traveler, wouldst thou like to travel with me and smite yon dragon?”

I know any raider or hard core pvp’er that might stumble across my site just puked, but I want to spend some time losing myself in this world. I want to stop and smell the flowers like I often say. I realize that this game is an MMO and BioWare made a point to showcasing that at PAX, but I hope that their idea of a story based MMO is all it’s touted to be because it is what I really need in an MMORPG right now.


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