PAX East 2011 – Day 3


The happy-to-be-home edition!

Yesterday I attended the last day of PAX East. Despite being in a grumpy mood from lack of sleep and just plain being tired, I trekked though the expo one more time. I tried to look at some of the other things that I had overlooked. I watched a little bit of game play of Hunted: The Demon Forge. It looked great what I saw of it. It is a co-op action game with some pretty visceral combat and pretty good graphics.

One thing I did note on the day was the number of games/hardware vendors that were promoting 3D. Honestly I don’t understand the hype for 3D movies, so I really didn’t even think of paying any attention to it for video games either. Boy was I naive. A friend at the show more or less dragged me to a 3D game and shoved some glasses on me. This stuff looks incredible! I would suggest that if you are into action games or FPS games that you consider making the upgrade when the hardware becomes reasonably priced. It is truly a wild experience.

I went to one presentation yesterday that I was really excited for that wound up being a bust. The D&D Virtual Table is something that I have been interested in since it was rumored quite a long time ago. Unfortunately due to technical difficulties, the demo was not able to be performed. As with many modern software titles, the D&D virtual table needs to verify its credentials with a central server in order to use it. Unfortunately, the server was down. How embarrassing! I’ll try and write up a post of what I did learn from the Q&A though.

So what are my overall thoughts about the conference as a whole? Well I think this conference has the potential to be so much more than what it is. There is so much space in the convention center that was being under utilized and people were packed into such a tight area. I believe that the event was overbooked and there was not enough incentive to leave the expo floor to see some of the other attractions i.e. tabletop game demonstrations and such. On the other hand, people who planned ahead, knew exactly where they needed to be for the things that interested them. The show was a lot of fun when it worked, but the ridiculous long lines really made it frustrating.

Will I be attending again next year? That is a good question. I’m not sure. Like I said, when the convention worked it was great, but when it didn’t…blech. Perhaps it is the fact that I am getting old and I have a certain expectation of what a conference should be like or perhaps I am missing the point of PAX. PAX is supposed to be for the gamers, and not the exhibitors. I guess it is difficult to limit the number of people going when you want this event to be about getting the gaming community together. The problem is that in doing so it makes the overall experience worse for everyone there. Time will tell if TMS will have a presence there next year, but I am hoping between this year and next they make some improvements to PAX East. This event could be amazing and in its present form it is merely good.



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