PAX East 2011 – Day 2


Just a quick post tonight. Today was a long day at PAX. I managed to get a ticket to the SW:ToR meet and greet. They had a bit of a SNAFU, but it worked out okay. BioWare bought me a beer so I can’t really complain! In any event it was nice to meet a couple of the team members for TOR.

I was in line with a number of guys from Darth Hater. They seem like quite a good lot. The site keeps growing and growing, so I can only imagine what it will be like once the game launches. It has really been pretty neat seeing them in action this weekend. There are about 8 of them here and they are well organized and goal oriented folk. I can see why they get stuff done so readily.

I did attend a couple of panels and I will try and give some info on them soon. One of the panels was for Guild Wars 2. This game really does look interesting¬† and I am actually interested in it now where before I was not. I am amazed with what a lot of these developers are planning for the MMO’s these days. We truly are not in Azeroth anymore…or at least we won’t be for much longer.


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