Tee Minus 2 Days Til Pax


I am flying out on Thursday evening for what should be a fun filled weekend! I am pretty psyched that I am going to be surrounded by so many people that are at least as geeky as I am! Sweet! This is going to be a brand new experience for me. I have been to conventions before, but none for hobbies. They have always been for career/work reasons.

So in addition to the Bloggers and Breakfast event that I am going to go to on Saturday, I was looking and the PAX site and found a few of the presentations that sound pretty intriguing to me. Here are a few of the items on the schedule that I am hoping to make:


  • Noon – Wyvern Theatre World Exclusive Demo of “Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning”
  • 2 PM – Merman Theatre D&D Edition Wars


  • 10 AM – IGDA Dev Center Turbine Keynote
  • 1 PM – Merman Theatre Geek Parenting
  • 3 PM – Cat Theatre Guild Wars 2 – Fantasy MMO Redefined
  • 5 PM – Naga Theatre MMORPG.com: The Future of Online Gaming


  • 1:30 PM – Merman Theatre D&D Virtual Table
  • 3 PM – Merman Theatre Money for Nothing and Your Kicks for Free

If you happen to be around look for a 6′ tall, rotund guy in a NY Mets hat. šŸ™‚



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