[WoW] /Ding 82


“You talkin’ to me?”

So I am almost there…three more levels and I will have capped my first toon. I can say that I was frantically trying to get through WotLK content to get to the new Cataclysm content, but now that I am actually here, it is rather enjoyable. The pace is pretty quick as far as leveling goes. I think I have gone from 80 to 82 1/2 in a couple days, but the story is pretty good and the zone is neat. I went to Vashj’ir zone because that is the one I had heard anything about. One note, though the map shows that the zone is for level 78-80 characters, you can only start the quests at level 80. I learned this the hard way at level 79 and wasted a trip from Northrend.

Anyway I am having fun in the game, and I am excited to be on the precipice of actually capping my first toon. I hope to have this completed in time to play RIFT at launch, so here is hoping. I hope that all of you are enjoying yourselves wherever you are gaming these days.


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2 Responses to “[WoW] /Ding 82”

  1. kaozz Says:

    Way to go! You’re so close, I know it’s such a nice feeling. I enjoyed this expansion quite a lot, as far as leveling, it was a lot of fun.

    And LoL at the quote, saw that movie on TV this weekend.

  2. Deimonia Says:

    Hey congrats, I avoided Vashj’ir for the most part. I wasn’t fond of the underwater zone. I did enjoy Hyjal, Deepholm, Uldum, and Twilight Highlands. They had a lot of great gear for my Feral tank/Resto Druid. 🙂 I believe I dinged 85 in Uldum. I loved the Harrion Jones quest chain. 🙂

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