Welcome to Hell, Mr. Cool


Phew, I am trying to recover from a brutal week at work last week. I didn’t get in much play time and I had even less time to blog.

In any event, I had some time today and I found myself playing WoW. I was trying to defeat an elite boss that was a level above me. He was doing a good job kicking my tail in and through a feat of luck great skill I managed to kill him before he could kill me. I exclaimed “Welcome to Hell, Mr Cool!” Being the über nerd that I am, I stopped to ponder this strange outburst. Well I suppose it is strange to anyone but me so it probably requires some explanation.

Through high school I was good friends with a kid who had a penchant for listening to all sorts of odd music. It so happened that he came across a tape – yes tape – of a christian heavy metal rock band named Godsent Humans. Now I will not go so far as to say this was a talented group of musicians, but they definitely wrote music that had a tendency to get stuck in your head. It just so happens that one of the songs was titled Mr Cool and the chorus has a part that includes my exclamation.

So there is a little glimpse inside Pid’s head. Any of you out there have a random victory cry that you’ve spouted out during a game? Perhaps you say the same thing every time you smite a player in PvP or crush some PvE mob. Sound off in the comments.


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