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So apparently DC Universe Online is selling like hotcakes and is SOE’s fastest selling MMO. The interesting thing is that apparently the majority of the sales are on the PS3 as opposed to the PC. I think this is great for consoles, and the game probably lends itself quite nicely for that platform. For what little I have played it on the PC though, I cannot get over the fact that the game plays like a console port.

Why should this matter?

“Just don’t buy the game.” There are plenty out there that are good and not tailored for playstation/xbox.

Here is the problem, or at least my misgiving with the potential success of hybrid MMO’s:

When a business model gets popular, other MMO companies tend to follow it. Reference any number of articles on the Free-to-Play MMO trend. As it stands, the popularity of DCUO has made SOE consider making EQ Next on a console platform as well.

I have no problem with people being able to play MMO’s on a console. I don’t really understand it, but I have no real problem with it. The problem arises when games get made so that they can be played with a gamepad and then get ported over so that they can be played on a PC too.

Hello, half the reason these games are MMO’s is so that people can be social on them. It is pretty hard to do with a game pad. Not to mention I think the gameplay stinks on a game pad. Every time I log into DCUO (which isn’t much I freely admit) I can only play until the frustration with the controls reaches an unbearable limit. It really doesn’t take much time.

I understand that the gaming companies are out to make a profit. That is the whole point to forming a company…I get it. I just implore them to go the extra mile though. If they are going to make the games on two radically different platforms (PC/console) please don’t make the game for one platform and then just port it to the other.

SOE, I am pleading with you. Please do not make Everquest 3 to be a console port on the PC. Please make the game playable for the folks that contributed to the success of EQ and EQ2. Make a game that is playable on a PS3, but also make a game that is playable designed for the PC as well.


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  1. kaozz Says:

    I can’t agree more with your thoughts on EQ Next. I have hopes it will be something good but if it’s aimed for the console then I will be sorely disappointed. I didn’t try DUCO because I just had low expectations for another super hero MMO.

    I hope SOE hits the nail on the head with EQ Next though! Crosses fingers!

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