EQ My Set of Demands


A lot of people are moving back to Everquest. Some out of boredom, some in preparation for the new Fippy Darkpaw server. I have a couple of friends that are always asking “Hey, wanna go back and play EQ?” My routine response is “No.” Sometimes I may elaborate, but usually they already know.

So what will it take to get me to resub to the mother of my MMO addiction? Here are a few of my demands in no particular order. Feel free to yell at me if some of this has been updated already.

  • Offline Trading: Seriously…seriously. If this was the only change that was made, I would almost consider resubbing that day. It just doesn’t make any sense. First of all, why have all those people actively logged into your servers and not actually doing anything? I already know the answer…many people have separate accounts just for their traders which means money for $OE. From a player standpoint, I don’t want to have to dedicate memory and processing power just so I can sell potions and whatnot.
  • Crafting: I am almost convinced EQ crafting all by itself has given me carpel tunnel syndrome. Also why is it that you can make millions (seriously my brother-in-law made millions…multiple) of platinum just buying reagents, clicking the mouse, and creating potions for recall, damage shield, and invis. Sick man, sick.
  • Respawn: Okay this is minor and I admit it. Could you at least respawn in the zone somewhere rather than your bind location?

That’s it. I know the graphics stink, but I could live with it. The UI is antiquated, but it’s functional. The quests…well…we won’t go there.

So Sony, can you step up to the challenge? Think of the extra profits from my subscription. Yeah, I can see you getting ready to send out a press release to the share holders now. I tell you what, fix these things and I will run two accounts simultaneously. Yeah…watch that stock jump!


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One Response to “EQ My Set of Demands”

  1. kaozz Says:

    I know what you mean about the traders… I just gave up hope that we will ever get offline traders. I set up trader once in awhile when I get low on money and don’t worry about it much of the time.

    Respawns can make me want to punch something, especially if it took me ten minutes to get everything together and get there but it’s not as bad as it once was with guild hall ports and pok stones. It’s easier than ever to travel and fast mounts help too. I just got 999 fast mounts entitled to my account for buying HoT… One for every character and more… lol.

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