Evacuation MMO


It seems that not only are bloggers leaving WoW in droves, a number of them are leaving MMO’s in general. Pete at Dragonchasers and MMOGamerChick have decided to give up on the MMO genre for the time being at least. I personally can’t wait for March so that I can sink my teeth into Dragon Age 2. I have it preordered already and have put a new lock on my office door to keep the kids out. (No not really. Come on, I’m not that mean. The kids can come in, just not the wife!)

So what SP Games are you looking forward to? Maybe a new one or one of the classic titles collecting dust on your Steam account or waiting to be purchased from Steam, D2D, or GoG. I think it is a good idea to take a break from MMO’s on occasion if for no other reason than to catch up with the rest of your life. Come up for a breath of air once in a while, it makes the MMO swimming that much better.



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  1. Deimonia Says:

    I tend to take breaks from games I play. Regarding MMO’s, I tend to switch up what I do while playing the game.

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