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I am having a busy week between work and preparing my house to get a new carpet so I am going to get a little cheap with this post.

  • Kaozz just returned to Everquest which is well known for having a great community after all these years.
  • Gordon figured out why the community in WoW is awful. Too many dang kidlings.

Question: As a mature gamer (take that for whatever it is worth) would you be willing to spend a little extra cash on subscriptions to have access to a VIP server? Not to be elitist, but rather to get away from all the tots and twits for that matter! I imagine there would be some legal ramifications, but if you could get that ironed out, would it be worth it?


UPDATE: Apparently I haven’t been reading blogs long enough or playing MMORPG’s long enough. Zubon over at KTR asked a similar question back in March ’07. Also Stargrace from MMOQuests made a comment on Stillwater’s Blog that EQ had a VIP server back in the day. It doesn’t exist anymore, so maybe that answers the question.

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8 Responses to “VIP Server?”

  1. kaozz Says:

    I have to disagree with the idea that children ruin MMO games. I see a lot of childish adults all the time. It’s more so a childish mentality.

    WoW condones this with the use of addons and cross server groups. The last expansion was a dps race, working together was not pushed, it was a race a competition. There is no basing people off skill, or anything else for that matter, but instead a number. For the majority of the game, I’d say. These combined ruined the game’s community.

    There HAS to be accountability for actions and less competition with gameplay aimed at working together (PvE) or its just a free for all. In my honest opinion, that’s what WoW is anymore one big free for all.

    In Everquest it’s more so about working together. Building your character and not ruining your reputation. Remember the ‘Shit List’? Nobody wanted on it. Nobody would group with you if you were on it.

    The best two communities I’ve ever played were in the older MMO games- EQ and DAoC. They can’t be beat IMO. Why? People want to invest in the community and build lasting friendships and they want people to stay. The game(s) are aimed at working together, the more the merrier.

    Not saying WoW doesn’t have kind people. They just are the minority.

    TL;DR People in older MMO games invest in the community. WoW and the like- they don’t feel they need the community.

    I should have just written a post on this 😉

    • Pid Says:

      I can understand what you have to say to some degree, but I think as a society in general we have transitioned from one of responsibility to entitlement. (Is this a video game blog or a political speech?) Anyway, I think that this mentality is even more prevalent in younger crowds. I might just be getting old, but I wonder what a server with just people over the age of 25 would be like. I wouldn’t be surprised if it were a bit more EQ and a little less WoW. Who knows, maybe I’m just silly. Psychologist I am not.

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  3. Corwynn Maelstrom Says:

    Nothing says kids will be unable to pay the extra . . . I had more disposable income when I was a kid than I have at some points in my adult life to be sure.

  4. Pouncealot Says:

    I agree with Kaozz, I’ve been in guilds where grown folks were acting like kids. They were well over the age of 25+.

    In the real world I’ve encountered adults with this childish mentality, put that in a setting where there is really no ramificiations if people fo act a certain way (LFD groups with no way of communicating with those on that server) well that problem is going to be magnified.

    I’ve met several well behaved teens that have played the game. They’re not the cause of the problem, people who act a certain way because their are non ramifications (regardless of their age) are.

    Those who are going to act like jerks will because they are anonymous and that has nothing to do with age.

  5. Pid Says:

    Just for the record, I’m not even saying that I would do this. Neither am I saying that charging a premium will eliminate kids. I am just curious if it would change the mentality at all.

    Don’t get me wrong, I believe there are any number of jerks at any age, but I remember back to when I was young and stupid (as opposed to the wise seer that I am now LoL) I was more apt to jump on bandwagons and was a lot more selfish. Not to say I was a delinquent, but there is a stark difference.

    I think of it more like when you are visiting friends or family, you often want a reprieve from the childishness and have the kids go “play outside,” and not so much, “all kids are evil and they all are disrespectful morons.” Just a thought.

  6. kaozz Says:

    I see where you’re going Pid 🙂 It would be nice to get away from all the idiots sometimes. Best bet is to play within a smaller community even older community where people value each other and reputations.

    Yeah SOE tried this years ago. Stormhammer, the legends server which closed down in 2006. It was roughly 40 bucks a month and was suppose to offer more support a unique enhanced game. GMs galore. GM events and so on. I don’t think it turned out as much of a success as they had hoped.

    I never had much of a problem with the EQ community. If they annoy me I turn off general chat and go solo somewhere in some far off corner of Norrath.

    • Pid Says:

      I guess ultimately the point is that it is a shame that a game that is very fun and well put together suffers so much from the state of its community.
      I guess it’s another instance of not being able to have your cake and eat it too, but again…such an unfortunate problem.

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