When Games are No Longer Fun


Lonomonky over at Screaming Monkeys is having a dilemma. WoW is not fun for him anymore. I think I have had this happen to some degree in every game that I have ever played, and his post has made me stop to think about it a bit. I was going to write a comment, but then it got rather lengthy. Rather than clog up his comments I figured a trackback would take up less room. 🙂

So what happens when games are no longer fun? I get to this point in games very often. This is a lot of the reason I have never made level cap in a game. I usually just moved on to something else for a while or permanently. I had a couple great friends in EQ that I played with and when I decided that I finally had enough of that game it was a difficult decision, but I am glad I made it.

I contemplate returning every now and again, but in the end I realize that the reason I play MMO’s or any game for that matter is to have fun. When it loses the fun, it becomes work. Many people quit jobs because they don’t feel they are getting paid enough, but when an MMO becomes work, you are actually paying them to do the job! I tend to move on and do something else. Often I keep my subscription to a game, and go and play a single player game for a while. This is usually a good alternative because it reminds you of what you enjoy about MMO’s and gives you a break from it. It also has the added value that there is an ending!

Having friends that play a game makes the decision more difficult because you don’t want to cut that tie or let them down, but if you are grumpy every time you log in they will notice that. I often have an instant messenger window open outside the game so I can still chat with some friends even if they can’t play. That might be an alternative.

In the end though, I think that each decision needs to be thought out well. Sometimes though, all a game needs to be good again is a little distance from it for a while.



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