Why I Hope Titan Is Not World of Starcraft


After the leak of Blizzard’s development schedule and subsequent confirmation of the Titan MMO, a number of people speculate that Titan is just code for World of Starcraft. I really hope that doesn’t happen and this is because I really want a Warcraft IV.


No that is not a typo. The more I play WoW, the more it reminds me that more than anything else, I really like Blizzard’s RTS games, and I like the Warcraft franchise most of all. How long has it been since W3: TFT was released? I’ll tell you, it was July 1, 2003. Seven years ago!

I can totally see Blizz pumping out the Zerg and Protoss versions of Starcraft 2, and then using all that hype to debut World of Starcraft. Then we won’t see another Starcraft game for 10 years. Ugh.

Love ’em or hate ’em, Blizzard makes some damn fine games. It is a shame that the cash cow that is WoW prevents them from furthering what I consider their best franchise/genre.


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2 Responses to “Why I Hope Titan Is Not World of Starcraft”

  1. We Fly Spitfires Says:

    True but even without a World of Starcraft, it’s still been over 10 years since the original SC came out. Blizzard are Blizzard and take ages doing anything đŸ™‚

  2. Pid Says:

    I agree, but SC is a competitive “online sport” where Warcraft was more of a single person type game. I imagine if SC wasn’t such an event in the east, maybe it would have been worked on a bit earlier. Who knows though. Ultimately Blizz needs to split into a couple smaller companies to develop more games faster!

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