I entered Outland today at level 59 on my Retribution/Protection Paladin. I spent the last few nights in Silithus and I have decided that it was the area I have enjoyed the least out of the ones I have quested in thus far. I am happy to bid it a not-so-fond farewell. Anyway, as I am about the leave the Cataclysm “redo” content for what is now the oldest “unrevamped” zones I wanted to comment on my experience thus far.

I really enjoyed a number of the zones that Cataclysm had brought with it. The leveling seemed to progress at a good pace and the ability to dual class at level 30 made switching from questing to LFD pugs a reasonable option. I noticed that tanking the early dungeons was doable for me, but the later dungeons were rather large and I had no idea where I was going if I didn’t have the map up every other minute.

I do think the game would benefit from an ability to turn off experience gain at some point so that you could run dungeons for blue loot and then go back and still be able to quest in the same areas. I hated the fact that I would run a few dungeons and then decide to go back to questing only to find out that all of the quests were now green to grey. I don’t mind that the quest gear was mostly vendor trash after running dungeons, but I would like to be able to run a dungeon a few times to get the hang of it without leveling out of it too fast.

As I mentioned in another post, traveling in the 1-60 zones gets pretty ridiculous at level 30 or so. I really didn’t like the fact that if I wanted to visit a trainer or auction house when I was in Silithis, I might as well have gone off to watch TV or make dinner while I waited to travel back to the zone. I guess it is a minor grievance, but it annoys me every time.

So now I sit at the precipice of The Burning Crusade content. Many people hate it from what I have read, but I guess it is time for me to form my own opinion. We shall see, but it is only ten levels right? How long can that really last?


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