2011 A Forward Looking Statement


As all fortune 500 companies must do, we here at The Meat Shield are releasing our 2011 forward looking statement detailing some of the goals and expectations of the new year. In 2011 I hope to accomplish the following:

  • Blog More: I think I put up 90+ posts last year which really equates to one every 4 days. If I could get that to one every two days on average I would be happy. I know one a day is out of my league at this point, but every other day should be doable.
  • Get a character to level cap in a game: I have never done it in an MMORPG. I am such an altaholic that when things start slowing down I get antsy to play a new character. I am playing WoW at the moment, so if there is a game that I can play to cap, I think it will be this one.
  • Play at least 2-3 MMO’s that I don’t necessarily think I will be interested in. I mostly stick to fantasy games, but I think I will give DCUO a shot and maybe Rift…though I am really not sold on that one. Perhaps if a couple of people I know play that one I’ll bite.
  • Read books again: My life is so hectic that if I take time out to do something that does not allow me to multitask I feel guilty. I really do miss reading books though.
  • Play games with my son. I played Lego Star Wars with my son the other day and it was a blast. He is only 6, so he needs a little guidance, but it really is a good time.
  • Attempt to play two MMO’s at once. Well not literally, but alternate between them a few times a week. I tend to focus on a game and then burn out at times.
  • Make an attempt to group more in MMO’s. This will be the tough one for me because I loathe PUGS. I love grouping with pals, but PUG is a four letter word in my book.
  • Go to a conference of some sort. PAX, Blizzcon, Digital Overload, E3…something. It will be tough with my schedule, but I think it would be worth it.

There are some easy ones and some challenges on this list, but overall it looks like a good list for me. I have 360 days to get it done … no problem!!



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  1. Pouncealot Says:

    I had to smile at #2 on your list. It seems that you are an altoholic like myself. It took a while to get my first at level toon in an MMO. Actually that first came in WoW. 🙂

    I love reading, and make a point to fit it into my daily schedule, at times it’s technical stuff (but I enjoy that too.)

    It’s really nice to play games with your children. My daughter and I play PetPet Park together. This Christmas she got the Nintendo DSi XL, although we don’t play together I do watch her and help her out when she needs it. She loves that, she’s an outdoor gal like me but nice to see that she loves gaming too (just like her mommy.)

    I’ve been wanting to attend Blizzcon, initially I thought about going solo but now I’m thinking about taking my seven year old daughter to an even with me. Naturally I would not attend as many things as I would on my own, but it would be nice to get her to see some of the behind the scenes things. I’m taking her to Bethsoft later this year. Their headquarters are in Maryland.

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