Adder it Up


I didn’t feel like running dungeons today so I figured I would run through some quests. I checked the big board in Orgrimmar and it shuttled me off to the Southern Barrens. I ran through a couple of quests and I picked one up that had me looking around for some critters and picking them up. They were snake critters and this variety were called Enervating Adders. In any event, the whole point is that I wasn’t paying attention when I picked up the quest to catch its title, but when I did I laughed out loud. The name of the quest is Adder Subtraction.

I know a lot of people criticize WoW for the cartooney style of the  graphics, but if the game wasn’t as tongue in cheek as it is with its graphics and atmosphere the quest title probably would have elicited a groan instead of a laugh. I just wonder if the stylization of the graphics doesn’t allow for this sort of thing to a greater extent as opposed to a game like Conan or even EQ2 or that matter. In any event, I wonder how many little sillies I’ve missed along the way through games. I easily could have missed that one.


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