WoW: Close Encounter of the Stupid Kind


I have run into some people in WoW in my brief time playing the game that have rubbed me the wrong way, but I ran into a D-Bag the other day that actually had me seething. I queued for the dungeon finder as a tank or a “Meat Shield” if you will. Soon I was staring at the initial corridor for the Stormwind Stockade instance. Not one of my favorites, but at least it is short.

Let me take a second to note that I am not an awesome tank, but I’m not wretched either. Most times I can hold aggro pretty well and rarely overpull. I might move a little slower than the next guy, but I try to be methodical and get a feel for the capabilities of the group.

So we started down the corridor and it seemed like more mobs were coming than normal, but then again I had only tanked the dungeon one other time. We get to the first boss room and I pull the three goons standing by the door. Before I know it the entire room comes pouring out including the boss. We wipe.

Run back (and it is a long run mind you) to get back and try it again. We make it through, barely, and then head down the next corridor. Craziness ensues and all the side rooms get pulled. Someone says that because we have 3 shaman in the group all the totems are pulling the mobs. We wipe again.

I am starting to get ticked at this point and also feeling a little self conscious that it is my fault. Anyway, we head into the boss room and I clear it out and somehow we manage to kill the boss unscathed. OK, I thought, maybe we have it together.

We head down the final corridor and this time as I was pulling a couple of mobs, I see three more that were well out of aggro range start running my way. Crap I thought, what did I do? AoE? Get too close? Only the mobs run right by me and to the troll shaman in the back. I was like WTF is that all about. The healer pulled mobs? I do my best but someone died, and once all the mobs were dead…that same healer says (not in party chat mind you) /s You are an awful tank.

I lost it! I never do it, but I bailed on the instance. Didn’t even type one word. Right click -> Leave group. I walked away from the game after that…I came back a half hour later and figured I would do a little questing. Wouldn’t you know it that the same toon sends me a tell later asking me if I wanted to group with him! OMG! Anyway, I just had to get that off my chest. Now I can move on.


Image from the cover of Mouthbreather by The Jesus Lizard.

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2 Responses to “WoW: Close Encounter of the Stupid Kind”

  1. kaozz Says:

    Some people I will never understand. Don’t let it get you down!

    You’ll find many pugs like that and the best thing you can do is leave/ or just laugh at them. You can always vote to kick them, it helps sometimes. Not all groups are this bad but some days you can’t get away from them it seems 😦

  2. Pouncealot Says:

    Oh that”s too bad, hopefully before long people will learn they can’t steamroll their way through the new Cata instances, especially while getting the gear. The instances are a lot different than the ones in WOTLK. I’m happy about that. I agree with Kaozz, not everyone is like that.

    I like tanking (mainly heal though) but it can be a pain tanking with those that pull stuff constantly. I use Recount (only to judge how I’m doing though — not to broadcast in party chat), I would have told the Shamans to swap out their totems if I saw them pulling the mobs. I have to admit, even in the bad groups I’m entertained by some of the off the wall stuff people do.

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