Cows Make Better Doors than Windows


Meet Pid. Pid is was a Tauren Paladin in the Walk the Plank guild on Silvermoon. He is a pretty cool dude. He never hurt anyone that didn’t deserve it. Pid was unceremoniously morphed into a blood elf paladin today. Why you ask? Because I couldn’t see any of the mobs in front of my character, that’s why. I flailed around with the mouse, tabbed, spammed every button on my keyboard but to no avail. So now Pid the paladin is a little more slender with much larger ears and a heck of a lot easier to see around.

The funny thing is, the first dungeon I ran after converting Pid into an elf, another tauren pally who was specced for DPS insisted on standing right on top of my character every time I pulled a group of mobs. I just sighed and moved to the left after every pull. I felt like I was doing the electric slide. Ugh.

Anyway, I feel like I can do a better job tanking now that I can actually see what is going on. How do you other tauren tanks do it?



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  1. lonomonkey Says:

    I’m mostly always in top down view but I suppose I got used to it over time. I do admit that small targets are harder to manage

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