No I’m not putting a new layer of asphalt on my driveway, I am looking to start posting again here soon.

I have actually been playing WoW quite a bit lately, so I actually am starting to have something pertinent to talk about. Anyway, with that being said, anyone know any good guilds that are looking for a noob WoW player? Possibly some blogger guilds or some such. I was considering heading to Keen’s guild but I noticed it is on a PvP server and I really have no desire to do any PvP’ing. Drop a comment or an email.


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5 Responses to “Resurfacing”

  1. Victor Stillwater Says:

    Welcome back mate! 😀

    • Pid Says:

      Thanks Victor, how’s life on your side of the planet. BTW, what server are you running on? I’m currently on Khaz Modan.

  2. kaozz Says:

    We have a small guild on Silvermoon (US), Walk the Plank, always looking for new faces. We have a few bloggers within it, mainly Lonomonkey and myself though as regulars. You’re more than welcome to join us there if you like! If anything come pop in sometime 😀

  3. kaozz Says:

    Cool, we’re on horde if you pop in do a who on ‘Walk The Plank’ or look for one of my characters; Clo, Anorexia or Tiffin!

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