My Foray into WoW Territory


Well I did it…

Things are so boring in Pidville that on a whim I plunked down some cash on World of Warcraft and WoW: The Burning Crusade. I played through Starcraft 2 and decided to leave it be for a little while before I play through it again. I finally got back to Torchlight and beat that game. I got to a dull point in EQ2 and just stopped playing. What was left? I decided that as an MMO/video game blogger I needed to actually try out WoW so that I can at least have an idea what the big guy looks like.

So what are my thoughts so far? I’ll put them in bullet form:

  • If it weren’t for addons, this game’s UI would be unplayable
  • Walking never seemed so slow.
  • 1 – 2 – 3 – 2 – 4
  • Everything seems so orange in Durator
  • General chat is as inane as people complain about
  • Random people running by and helping to kill your mob…cool!
  • 5 people fighting over 3 quest mobs
  • Need three quest items, but the mob drops the items once in 15 kills

Anyway, the game is keeping my attention, but then again it is very new. The game doesn’t seem to do anything all that crazy, but has all the basic things you would expect to have in an MMO…I guess that is why it is the gold standard of the genre. I’ll keep posting as I find new and interesting things to talk about, or if I find something this summer that doesn’t bore me to tears.


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