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Just chiming in with a public service announcement of a website that I stumbled upon a couple of weeks ago. If you are someone who loves to read and can’t find the time to do it, could never get into the “classics,” or can’t afford books and hates to go to the library LibriVox is the place for you! This place is great! Essentially people volunteer to dictate books that are in the public domain (i.e. really old books whose authors have passed on). The great thing is, the audio recordings are FREE! Heck, they don’t even ask for donations. Now you won’t get the Harry Potter collection there, but you can listen to The Iliad by Homer, or The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Samuel Clemens, or even The Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith. I downloaded A Tale of Two Cities by Dickens for my first book and I have made it through the first five chapters so far.

The Good: The books are unabridged and the sound quality is good. The download speeds are good for a free site.

The Bad: Each book chapter is dictated by a different author. All of the ones that I have heard so far (5) have been easy to understand though one had a bit of an accent. It makes it difficult though to tell some of the characters apart though because you have to learn a new readers interpretation of them. Also, a small nuisance is that each chapter has a small commercial for the website that precedes the book.

All in all it seems like an excellent service with a huge catalog of books even if most predate 1923. All of the books on the site are legally free in the United States, but if you happen to be in another country you may want to check your nation’s copyright laws. Happy listening.


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  1. Tesh Says:

    Ooh, nice. I’ve been looking for some good audiobooks lately.


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