Thousand-Yard Stare


I have been playing a bunch of Single Player Games as of late in lieu of any MMO’s. In EQ2 I am currently in the doldrums of the late 50’s content and boy does it stink. I haven’t been able to bring myself to log into my account in well over two weeks. Last night I found myself just staring at my computer screen not knowing what to do. This isn’t the first time this has happened and it is typically pretty short lived. I usually go and watch movies or a TV series on DVD for a week or so and get out of my funk. The sad thing is that I have even been toying with the idea of plunking down all the money required to get a sub to WoW. Not that I have anything against the game, but I told myself that EQ2 would be the MMO I would ride out until SW:TOR drops.

I am almost worried to go home tonight after work for fear that sometime tomorrow morning my wife will find me blankly staring at my monitor. Anyway, not much else to report here, but I thought I should at least mention why there hasn’t been a post here in a while.


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