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So I downloaded the 7 gigabyte Starcraft 2 installer a couple of days ago and was going to install it on Tuesday at 1 PM EDT (10 AM EDT) when I saw an advert about midnight release. I mulled it over in my brain:

Pid 1: I want to go to Wal*Mart at 12 AM and get the new SC2!

Pid 2: You are 33 years old, wife, two kids. Seriously?

Pid 1: Well, Duh! It’s S-T-A-R-C-R-A-F-T T-W-O!

Pid 2: Good point. I’ll get the keys.

So there I am standing in Wal*Mart at 11:50 PM Monday night in a conga line of geeks. FYI geeks come in all shapes and sizes. Amazingly I saw not one pony tail. Anyway, geek number one pulls out his credit card…denied. Then he resorts to what I can only assume is rent money to slap down the $80 worth of merchandise he had on the counter. Nice. Geek number five’s credit card gets rejected, so he pulls out $25, and then puts the rest on his credit card. Nice!

Anyway, so at 12:30 AM I was installing Starcraft 2, and at 4 AM I went to bed.

So far the game is fun and the missions are quite engaging. Each of them has a little twist on the normal RTS fare. My one prediction (very mild spoiler) is that the doctor you rescue in mission 4 or 5 double crosses you at some point.


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