SW:TOR, to Trinity and Beyond


I have been meaning to post on the recent multiplayer demo that was released for SW:TOR recently.

There is no secret that I am excited about the game. I am trying to temper that excitement so as to not have the same experience that I did with WAR when it was released. When I see these videos I keep trying to find the bad things in them even though the little kid in me keeps screaming “Awesome, Cool, I Can’t Wait.” So what did I say to myself after this video?

There is trinity (tank, healer, DPS) and yet there is something more. Clearly there is a tank in the trooper, a dps guy in the scoundrel, and a healer in the Jedi Consular; however, they appear to have some overlapping roles. There weren’t a lot of numbers flying around the screen, but it looked like the trooper was dealing out a fare amount of damage. The consular stepped in every now and then and swiped with her light sabre and they mentioned that the scoundrel was doing some off healing. In the midst of all this the Jedi Knight was running around off-tanking the trash mobs being a mix of DPS and tank. While this is pretty cool, there is nothing revolutionary here.

With the skill trees of the classes, there is more than likely the ability to overlap the roles of the classes, but it seems like the devs aren’t straying from the typical mantra of the core triumvirate of Aggro magnet, killem fast girl, and stand around and heal girl. This may be good news to the folks who were worried this game would have no group content worth anything. The more we see and hear about this the better though. It looks more and more like BioWare is making a standard MMO with their own specialty of story telling and companion interaction tacked on. At this point I am still hoping this game has enough to make it my main MMORPG. I will continue to try not to let the hype get me into to much of a frenzy. Here’s hoping!


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