RealID: Unsub and be Counted


It appears as though RealID is the next big topic in the blogosphere. To be honest I really haven’t given it much thought as I do not play WoW and I don’t plan to play any multiplayer Starcraft 2 when it comes out. I am interested in the outcome of all the outcry though.

I personally don’t think that Blizzard will give a darn that everyone in his brother is up in arms over this idea…UNLESS, it effects their bottom line. Will it? I truly doubt it. I imagine they might lose a fraction of their players from this new system, but in the greater scheme of things, most people will grumble about it but continue to log in to the game. Just like any “movement,” it is only effective if it has any teeth. Most boycotts don’t work because people don’t want to go without their item of choice or don’t really care about the cause. The companies just weather the storm and pretty soon nobody remembers what the big hubbub was about.

If everyone is outraged about this RealID thing, I challenge you to cancel WoW subs and not buy Starcraft II. Prove me wrong and make Blizzard hurt in the only area that counts…in the dollars and cents. I highly doubt it will happen, but I would love to be proven wrong.


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  1. Victor Stillwater Says:

    Darn tootin!

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