A Bard’s Tale


I noted a review over at IGN for the latest Dragon Age: Origins – Leliana’s Song DLC.

It has been quite some time since I finished the game and wrote this review, and while I stand by my review, I must add that I have not gone back to play it in a long time. I never ordered the expansion pack and I only played a very small amount of the DLC. It is strange because I really enjoyed the game when I played through it the first time, but the couple of times I have gone back to play through again it has not inspired me. I don’t know if it is my lack of time or happiness with EQ2 or what really, but it does seem a shame that it has not garnered more playing time from me.

In any event, I still believe it is a high quality game and it really added to my excitement for the coming of SW:TOR. I hope that there is a sequel as I will definitely get my hands on that.


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