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Let’s come up with a hypothetical situation where you were developing a new AAA MMORPG. You have had success in the past with the genre, but you are getting bored with the old games and want to make a new one. You want to be successful at your new venture, but are worried that the most successful MMORPG to ever have been made will really prevent your new game from being as successful as you want it to be.

Sounds pretty standard really for any development company, right?

What if you are Blizzard though? What if you just so happen to hold the reigns of WoW, and are developing a game that will directly compete with it? Maybe you do something crazy and take that ridiculously popular subscription based game, and make it Free-to-Play with a cash shop and cash services and the whole nine yards. You figure they already have all that in place WITH a subscription model in place.

One of the bigger criticisms of WoW is all of the “jerks” that play the game. What if you opened the flood gates on the population and eliminated any barrier of entry for so called “jerks” to play the game. Possibly a mass exodus of the core players from the game? Where would you go? You like what Blizzard has done with WoW, perhaps you try out NuWoW.

I think it is a pretty neat scenario that Blizzard is setting up here. I wonder if it will turn out that way.


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  2. Tesh Says:

    It wouldn’t surprise me if that’s the eventual endgame of the er… game… but as long as umpteen-odd million players are happily letting Blizzard siphon $15/month from their accounts, there’s little business reason for WoW to mutate that way.


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