The Many Faces of Pid


Stillwater posted some pics of all of his alts a little while back and it inspired me to do the same. Not to mention I wanted to write another post that made reference to all my alts, but not include pics of them all in that actual post. Anyway, welcome to the Altiverse of Pid, or for EQ2 purposes Pidd (minimum name length is four characters).

I have what I consider two mains in this game. The first of which is my highest level character which I do all my soloing with. His name is Pidd and he is a level 53 necromancer. You’ve seen him before in pictures, but here he is in his home in lich form. As soloing goes, he is awesome. I pony up for the expert tank pet when I am eligible for a new one and then use the research assistant to get a master one. The things are near unstoppable the way I have my AA’s specced. I can take on Heroic mobs that are my level or even 1-2 higher.

My other main, or my group character, is Piddleglum. He is a a level 43 Gnome Fury. Piddleglum has a dear place in my heart because he bears the namesake of my main from Everquest 1 who was a halfling druid. He has a tendency to get into trouble because when his group mate Sanlain and he are in dungeons, Piddleglum tends to run ahead and draw the aggro from the other mobs…he tends to forget that he is a healer first and a DPS guy second at times too which gets the duo into trouble!

Next up we have my two strictly crafting toons. They are Pidds the level 28 human tailor and Piddskrin the level 32 sarnak carpenter. I haven’t been keeping up on them enough, but I really have to be in a mood to craft.

This next guy I made just to test out the Halas starting area. His name is Piddrip and he is a level 21 froglok ranger. He was pretty fun to play through Halas, but is becoming more and more ranged DPS focused as he levels up, so I probably won’t do much with him. He may turn into a mule character.

The last alt that I have made is a relatively new one. Less than one week old. Here is Piddogre the level 10 ogre berserker. I have to admit out of all my characters I like this one just for the looks. He is the epitome of what a berserker should look like IMHO. I want to play this guy just for that reason alone! I’m going to have to find some time to work with this one.

So maybe I need an intervention from Altaholics Anonymous, but here they all are. My virtual alter egos.


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  1. /Ding 53 in EQ2 « Says:

    […] « The Many Faces of Pid […]

  2. Victor Stillwater Says:

    Awesome post man. :)I really have to find time to play my alts too… but for now, I think I’m going to focus on my main so I can do other stuff than the Nektulos/Butcherblock timelines.

    • Pid Says:

      I hear ya, I have been pushing forward with my necro even though the questlines are less than interesting to me at the moment. I managed to ding 54 tonight. 2-3 more levels and then the tangle!

  3. Pid Says:

    Updated pics to zoom in on the characters…

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