/Ding 53 in EQ2


It’s been quite a while since my last /Ding report, but I wasn’t playing for a while there and I have a severe case of altitis at times. In any event, I have crested the lip of Tier 6 with Pidd the necromancer. I spent a lot of time from level 42 to 53 jumping around to various zones. I have tried to follow the suggestions of the Roger Goldie quest lines, but they really don’t seem very accurate since…well the beginning really. They are always just a couple of levels off in my opinion. At level 42 they suggested that I go to Lavastorm, which seemed a little bit too difficult of a zone for that level. Solo encounters were fine, but the zone is so crowded you rarely fight just one mob at a time. I instead opted to go to Everfrost which was a much better area for me. I gained a few levels there and then went to Sinking Sands.

Sinking sands is a really cool zone and there are plenty of quests to go around. It also has the coolest mode of in zone travel via magic carpets. The zone is visually appealing at first and then as you progress into it further it is pretty much just sand everywhere. I completed most of the quests in that area and then went back to Lavastorm and mopped up what I had missed there. It was much easier as most mobs were blue to me then, but the quests were pretty cool. I toured Solusek’s Eye to get to the other side of the zone and it looks to be a cool dungeon. I hope to get back there once my group character Piddleglum is high enough level.

Anyway, once I had enough experience to level up to 52 and advance the Roger Goldie quest in Lavastorm, the quest sends me to Sinking Sands!!!! What?!?! I already completed most of the quests there! I don’t get it. Anyway, now I have to level up to 57 to advance that quest further and then he is going to send me off to Tenebrous Tangle. I don’t know anything about that zone, but I’m sure I will. So what to do for the next 4 levels?

I am currently in Lesser Faydark either kicking the cans of the tree spirits pictured above, or getting absolutely pwned by some fairy dryad things. Lesser Faydark appears to suffer from the same problems that Greater Faydark does (at least to me anyway) in that everything is spread out all over the zone. Fortunately the travel system in the zone is pretty good, so at least I can go get a drink while Mr. Ed trots off to the next area I have to kill stuff. Hopefully I don’t have to stay here long. I think the trees hate me.


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