Something that Sparkles and Doesn’t Cost 25 Bucks


So I logged into EQ2 last night and noticed that Stillwater was playing his berzerker alt. I said hi and we exchanged pleasantries. I was getting ready to zone out of New Halas and head to Butcherblock Mts. When I noticed that the travel globe in the Halas docks now was shimmering and sparkled like crazy. I mentioned it to Stillwater and this is the conversation that spawned (I’m paraphrasing so pardon me if I misquote)

Pid: Hey didja notice that the travel globes are all sparkly now?

Stillwater: Yeah, they were really hard to notice before.

Pid: I know what you mean, I always have a difficult time finding the one in Timorous Deep.

Stillwater: There is one in TD?

Pid: Yeah down on the docks.

Stillwater: I never new there was one down there.

Pid: Exactly, see what I mean! :o)

Sorry, it made me chuckle. Anyway I never really have commented about the new travel system. I think it is a good thing overall for the game, but I almost feel a pang of loss with being able to travel all over now without having to unlock Griffon’s and riding boats. The first time you take the boat ride from Butcherblock Mts. to go to Nektulos Forrest or Thundering Steppes it is really quite neat. I admit, after the first time it is a pain waiting for the boat, but that first time zoning into Nektulos with all the fog and everything…really neat.

Given the choice of having the new travel system or not having it, I will 100% choose having the system. I do however appreciate having to jump through some hoops the first time around to unlock some travel options. I think they should keep the quests for Griffin access, but somehow link it to the account rather than to the character. This way, your first time through the game you have to tramp around looking for the Griffin eggs, but forever after and on every alt, the deed is done and you have free access to those amenities. I don’t think it is too hard core to want the immersion the first run through. Just a thought!


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