So I have been playing a bit more lately due to having a little more free time and a little more energy. Work was pretty brutal there for a bit. Anyway, I was bored one night and figured I would give this Halas thing a try. I made a froglok ranger and away I went. I must say that much like Timorous Deep, New Halas is a great place for leveling up fast.

If you are the type of player that likes to do quests that take you all over the place, you need not apply here. This zone has tightly bound quest hubs and quests that don’t require a huge trek to get to. Of the two remaining good-aligned starting zones, this one is far superior in my opinion. Feydark is very spread out and somewhat difficult to navigate where the Frostfang Sea glacier is very easy to navigate and is relatively compact.

The quests are, well…quests. Nothing new, nothing terribly interesting, but what is these days. In the beginning you will outlevel the quests but somewhere near level 15 or so you will be right on track to maybe a tad behind at level 18 or so. One of the quests (Sometimes you feel like a Knut) was rather funny as you equip this skin cap (named Griz) that actually talks to you as you are running around the zone. A thought bubble pops out of your head with instructions. Too funny. The head gear actually looks pretty cool.



Pretty cool. Bottom line though, if you are gonna pick a good aligned character, do yourself a favor and pick New Halas as your starting city.


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