New Halas Prelude Quest


From the SOE site

Greetings Norrathians!

Halas Reborn is right around the corner. Seek out priests of Marr or harassed/tormented barbarians in your home towns to do the “A Vision of Valor” quest before the update! Once Halas Reborn comes to live servers, the quest will no longer be available.

Last night I heard that there was a strange barbarian on the shores of sinking sands via global chat. I was about to log off for the night, but decided to investigate anyway. I ventured to sinking sands to find a mob of players surrounding a GM in the guise of some dragon. The GM was doling out the “Vision of Valor” quest and randomly turning people into giants, dragons, giant crabs, etc.

After standing around for 5 minutes or so trying to figure out what I was supposed to do to get the quest as there was no tormented barbarian to be seen here, a quest window popped up and I received the vision of valor quest. I had to run back and forth between Commonlands and Everfrost a few times, but after a while I entered a dream sequence zone where Mithaniel Marr tells a story about how he and his twin have been neglecting Norrath for too long and that they are going to rebuild Halas. Honestly the quest was not all that interesting, but I did get a book out of it to put in my house and a neat little blue flower as well.


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2 Responses to “New Halas Prelude Quest”

  1. kaozz Says:

    I was kind of confused also. We all just stood around wondering what to do, trying to talk to the person. Finally a window pops up. It would have been easier IMO just to have a static npc hand it out. At least yours cast some illusions and had fun lol.

    • Pid Says:

      There are static NPC’s that do hand out the quest. They are barbarians that are in the starting cities I think. I know there is one standing on the Gorowyn docks. As it was I saw a global announcement and decided to check it out. I had no idea what was going on at first and was running around the beach looking for a tormented barbarian NPC. I gave up on it and decided to just watch the people make fools of themselves when a quest window opened. The GM didn’t turn me into a newt or anything which would have been a cool screen cap!

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