The More I Learn, the Less I Know


I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was going to join a guild in EQ2 and I have done so. I have joined the Halasian Empire on the Lucan D’Lere server which is composed of a bunch of bloggers and other good folk that like to craft, solo, and have a lot of fun. The guild is well established (circa 2004 or so) so I am well below the level of most of the folk in the guild at present. They have been quite cordial however and always say hi and add a helpful hint now and again when I am brave enough to ask.

In any event, I made my way to the guild hall for the first time since Stillwater showed me how to get there. I was curious what the place had to offer and I ventured into the basement. There is a full staff of NPC’s down there such as a broker, a banker, some folk that appear to harvest resources for you, a crafting trainer, and some crafting writ givers. I figured I’d craft a couple of spells before I had to go to work and I noticed that when you are crafting down there, the crafting materials are not deducted from your backpacks, but rather a guild crafting material cache. I felt like a jerk because I couldn’t figure out where to donate the materials that I had to the pool. I was on by myself and running all over the basement looking for an NPC that I could give this stuff to. Eventually a guildie logged in and showed me that I could donate to the pool via the chest next to the broker.

I haven’t played an MMO since EQ1 that I was at all interested in participating in the crafting aspect. The crafting in this game thus far is pretty grindy, though I hear it gets better at level 60 or so. The fact that I had to keep track of what tier of crafting mats I needed on each toon and how much of my shared bank it was taking up has now been eliminated. Hopefully I can grind through the crafting on my necro/sage and fury/provisioner so that I can finally start making some cash in the game!

It just goes to prove that the more I learn about this game, the more I realize there is sooooooo much that I don’t know about it. This is very daunting yet very interesting.


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