The Life Aquatic with Pid


I logged into EQ2 last night with the intention of doing some questing in Lavastorm. I saw one of my guildies pop online and said hi. He asked me what I was up to and I mentioned that I was trying to figure out Lavastorm. They replied “good luck with that, I never liked that place.” I asked if there was a better place and they mentioned that in a couple of levels I could go to Sinking Sands but for now Everfrost might be a little more reasonable. After wandering around confused in Lavastorm for a bit I decided, “what the heck” and headed to Everfrost. There I found a few quest givers on the initial island and started hunting sharks. They didn’t have any laser beams, so I made it through okay!

I finished up the few quests on the starter island and one of the quest lines pointed me in the direction of the next hub. Makes sense, no? So what is the deal with Lavastorm? I thought the previous area was a little too high level-wise when I had gotten there, but at least the Gnomeland Defense area was a big quest hub. Wasn’t Lavastorm just revamped an expansion or so ago? Why would you lead new EQ2 gamers (i.e. ME) there? I realize the Golden Path is a work in progress, but why not pick Everfrost? I understand it is an old zone, but it works! Anyway, if the devs are looking for feedback…there you have mine…make Lavastorm more user friendly…and put a big sign at the beginning that says “Hey Lowbee, don’t go left!”


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